ALMOST PERFECT Available for FREE DOWNLOAD This Labor Day Weekend!

Readers who are interested in books about dogs, special needs children, therapeutic schools, working with children in therapy, and those who just love a good story can take advantage of free downloads of ALMOST PERFECT this weekend.

If you always wondered what happens in a therapy session with children, you can “listen in” on a couple of sessions with Benny and Dr. Kate. If you wondered whether the movie “Best in Show” gives the whole picture behind the hard-working people who enter their dogs at top shows, you can get another view as Benny and Bess follow their dream to Best in Show at Westminster. If you don’t believe dogs enjoy the thrill of the dog show stage as much as their owners, watch Breaker and McCreery parade themselves around the ring. If you always believed children can do more than they are sometimes given credit for, watch Benny heal himself and his family.

Enjoy the answers in an ALMOST PERFECT novel at no cost this weekend at:

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Happy reading!


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