Announcing the ALMOST PERFECT Blog Tour & Trivia Contest!

January 26th — February 13th, 2015
(CLICK HERE for Full Schedule)

What could be better than having ALMOST PERFECT featured across 31 web sites over a three week span? How about a trivia contest running the duration of my blog tour where readers can win Amazon Gift Cards by correctly answering questions about my novel?

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be running a trivia contest to accompany my blog tour! Every morning, along with information regarding that day’s “tour stop,” I’ll be posting a question about ALMOST PERFECT on the home page of my web site (; simply submit your answer using the provided form and you could be elegible to win the following prizes!

1st Prize — $50 Amazon Gift Card
2nd Prize — $25 Amazon Gift Card
3rd Prize — $10 Amazon Gift Card

At the conclusion of my blog tour, all CORRECT submissions will be placed into a blind drawing for the prizes.

Limit one entry per day and one prize per entrant (i.e. you can’t help your odds by spamming and you can’t win more than one gift card!).

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