You Don’t Need a Therapy Dog to Get Pet Therapy: PART TWO

Pet Therapy 2

Read Part One here.

All things come to an end, and when Yves announced he was closing his restaurant, the consternation among his patrons was not limited to concern that some of their favorite meals might no longer be available. Yves would re-open at another location a little ways from the center of the village.  But what about Vino Blanco?  She was used to having the whole lake as her water trough and the lake foliage to snack on between Yves’ formal “lunch” offerings. It was hard to imagine another spot could offer half as much.

Months went by as the town folk walked past the sad and empty sight of the former Yves’ restaurant while rumors of progress in building another location circulated. A sign went up along the Carretera announcing the new Yves’ Restaurant was coming soon, but Vino Blanco’s fate was still unknown. Not one person doubted for a moment that Yves wasn’t taking the very best care of her, but she must miss her lakeside home and friends.

At last the opening day arrived and the first patrons streamed in. Almost their very first sight was Vino Blanco, munching on grass so lush and green the Master’s golf course would envy it. But what about Vino’s chance to roam? The new place had a sizeable garden, and even a thoughtful umbrella under which she could take a shaded nap after lunch, but in the old spot she could roam hobbled along a sizeable stretch of shore.

Not to worry. Yves quickly informed Vino’s concerned fans that every day he took her for a walk on a rope leash down the Carretera to the lake.   Vino’s horizons were expanding, and so were her followers! In addition to restaurant patrons, Vino was now bringing smiles to the passing motorists and morning walkers who had their own traditional four-footed pets on a leash. Her “therapeutic effect” on the Ajijic community was expanding!


Stay tune . . . this story will be continued.



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