You Don’t Need a Trained Dog for Pet Therapy: PART THREE


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Just because Vino Blanco is a star doesn’t mean there isn’t room in Yves’ heart for a more traditional pet. Recently, his beloved old yellow lab Sheeba passed on and was sorely missed. It was with great happiness, then, that a new dog found her way into Yves’ heart and the hearts of the Yves’ family: a middle-aged rescue yellow lab who gets around on three legs better than many dogs do on four. Named Kima, Yves says she was “send to me by Sheeba.” In spite of her three legs, Kima can outrun Yves’ other three dogs when the pack takes off after an unwary cat. To see the new dog follow Yves’ every step, her eyes glued on him every minute with star-struck adoration, one would think they had been pals for years when really it is only a matter of days. It is fair to say that this newest addition to the Yves’ family is another example of the way an animal can bring joy and a kind of healing “therapy” to everyone who meets her.

The world did not universally rejoice at the arrival of the new dog, however. Vino Blanco has many virtues and many admirers, but a love of dogs is not in her nature. In fact, donkeys have been known to protect sheep from wild dogs and coyotes in certain parts of the world. One of Yves’ jobs in training the new dog is to teach her to keep a respectful distance from Vino’s hind legs. Fortunately, they have reached an uneasy peace and may yet become true friends.

Remember back at the old restaurant when Vino sent up a braying frenzy around lunch time until her minions brought her a large platter of fresh vegetables? Some things never change. Only now, Yves boast of a special “taco salad” for his favorite donkey’s lunch. Check the photo carefully and you will see the tacos scattered and waiting for the “salad” to be added. A donkey never tires of delicacies like that.

Restaurants have long hours, but donkeys need their beauty rest, and with all their generosity and love of animals Yves and his wife couldn’t envision Yves’ nestled upstairs in bed with them and the other four dogs at night. Yves’ found the solution a few doors away with a man who owns two horses. Yves’ and the man built a shelter for Vino Blanco and the two horses, so now Vino Blanco is not only comfortable for the night, she is never lonely with her two horse friends.


Stay tuned . . . there is one more part to the story!


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